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in Leeds

Guest DJ:

kaoru b2b hollie

visual-kei & j-rock from


Kaoru from Visual-kei Night

4th February 2023

@Wharf Chambers,

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

Nanashi Disco Vol.06 Leeds Visual-kei DJ


kitty kat theme!

 put on your cat ears but please leave your actual cat at home

Date  :   Saturday 4th February 2023

Time :   22:15

Venue :   Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Entry :    £ 5

*18+ only, ID required

Important information for event goers:

As the venue (Wharf Chambers) is a member's club, attendees are kindly asked to register for a membership beforehand. It costs £2 and you can sign in up to 8 guests under a single membership. For further details, please contact the venue or Nanashi Disco.

Happy New Year!! V-kei Night is popping up in Leeds again!! This is the 6th Nanashi Disco event, with more genres than you can think of to stick 'core' on the end of; plus rock music, game music, pop music etc. expect to hear things such as -

✮✷ breakcore ✷ visual-kei ✷ jcore ✷ vocaloid ✷ rave ✷ mashcore ✷ hyperpop ✷ jrock ✷ hardcore ✷ pop ✷✮

Kitty Kat theme! Put on your cat ears ❤

★L★I★N★E★ ★U★P★

electronic / rave music from:
✮ goreshit  
✮ d-luc-d
✮ cun7  
✮ iffyhype

visual-kei & j-rock music from:
✮ kaoru from visual kei night london b2b hollie from nanashi disco 

Visual-kei Night London meets Nanashi Disco ❤


23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds, LS2 7EQ

Visual-kei Night:

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Nanashi Disco:

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