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Visual-kei Night is a premier DJ event based in London, dedicated to delivering the vibrant sounds of Japanese Rock, Metal and Visual-kei music.

Since our launch in 2019, from the alternative hotspots of London to the dynamic city of Leeds, we have consistently captivated audiences with our unique take on clubbing. We host our own regular events and also share our passion for V-kei music by making guest appearances at other events in the UK. 

For our regular events, we set a different theme; therefore each event bears its own distinct character, and we are proud to have collaborated with acclaimed V-kei bands like ACME, adding an extra layer of authenticity to our brand. We also pride ourselves in creating custom DJ setlists that keep the crowds dancing for hours. With DJ Kaoru's extensive knowledge of the genres and vast library of tracks, we curate the perfect vibe throughout the night.

This is the only place in the UK where you can enjoy a unique clubbing experience with a great mix of Visual-kei tracks!

V-kei, J-Rock, and J-Metal lovers are all welcome to join us. Visual-kei Night is a super friendly environment to socialise with fellow music fans.


We are passionate about bringing the V-kei sensations back to the world!

Visual-kei Night London DJ


Representative, organiser, producer and DJ of the V-kei Night Event.

From Nagoya, Japan, raised with V-kei and J-Rock influences from a young age. Moved to the UK in 2007.

Former writer / translator at

Works in the finance sector by day in the City of London :D

Want me to play V-kei music somewhere in the world? Please contact ;)


Volunteers from all walks of life with over a decade of event management between them.

Bringing a variety of additional skills that make any club night a breeze, including, brand design, marketing, social media managing, tech engineering and security.


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