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Visual-kei Night is a DJ Music Event dedicated to Japanese Visual-kei rock music, based in London.

Launched in 2019. Now we are hosting our own regular events and also spreading our love for V-kei music by making guest appearances at other events in the UK.

In 2022, we have officially collaborated with the band, ACME, to showcase their music for the first time in Europe.

This is the only place you can enjoy a unique clubbing experience with a great mix of Visual-kei tracks in the UK!

V-kei / J-Rock / J-Metal lovers are all welcome to join us for drinks, dance, sing along, headbang and hang out with fellow music fans!

Visual-kei Night DJ Event London About
Visual-kei Night DJ Event London Atmosphere


Visual-kei Night London DJ
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Representative, organiser, producer and DJ of the V-kei Night Event.

Writer/Translator at

From Nagoya, Japan.

Moved to the UK in 2007. 

Listening to V-kei since early 90's!

Want me to play V-kei music somewhere in the world? Please contact ;)

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